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Moonlit Marbles

Moonlit Marbles

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Flower shaped small ceramic knobs with golden color lines. 

Bolt Length = 1.25 Inch

Available in 4 colors 

Price for single piece

Clean with a soft damp piece of cloth

The word “ceramic” originates from the Greek word meaning “pottery”. It has been discovered by archaeologists that man-made ceramics dates back to at least 24,000 BC. These ceramics were made of animal fat and bone mixed with bone ash and a fine claylike material. Artistic items made from ceramic materials including clay is called as ceramic art. The ceramics are usually made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into preferred forms.  Once the ceramic has been shaped, it is burnt in a kiln. Ceramics are often covered in decorative, waterproof, paint-like substances known as glazes. Our stunning collection of ceramic knobs are perfect for the instant makeover. 

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