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Handcarved Soapstone tealight holder with elephants carved on top and lower rim.

Size: (Oval with stand) 4 Inch.

Our Handcarved tealight holder collection delight customers in Norway and Sweden through a timeless online shopping experience.

Soapstone is a relatively soft stone that is susceptible to scratching. Avoid the contact of soapstone product with any kind of sharp objects that can cause scratches. Avoid contact of product with any kind of oil or liquid, since soapstone is penetrable and may leave a stain. Regular dusting is recommended. Soapstone articles like tea light holders and candle holders may darken over the period of time due to constant use.
Soapstone- Soapstone is a soft natural rock largely composed of the mineral “talc”. It is said that, people have quarried Soapstone for thousands of years. The people of Scandinavia were among the first to discover the ability of Soapstone which inspired them to make Soapstone cooking pots, bowls etc. Soapstone is also used for a wide variety of artifacts. Artisans handcraft each stone by finely carving in intricate patterns to make them unique. Adorn your living space with our exotic Handcarved Soapstone tea light holders.

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