Gauri Arts:Journey so far

Our last visit to India in 2014 for Diwali, was the best holiday spent with family. After a long time, we all were together. You know sometime it happens like you see something in the air and when you really try to see to that, it is gone. Time just flew by like that. Laughter, dinners, drives to favorite places, meeting favorite people and late night chit chats with just the best people of your life.

It was during one of these late night chats between my husband, Chanakya and my more-than-sister in-law, Charu that the idea came up of doing something with Indian art and craft. And that is when the seed for Gauri Arts was sowed. Honestly, it is more of a brain child of Charu with her super developed eye for details.

So, after this fantastic holiday, we came back to Oslo, and that idea was still there in our minds. During these four years of our stay in Norway, we have not seen much of Indian art and culture around, for the obvious reason that it is a different country, far away from India and it has its own culture, a little less colorful though. However, one can see almost all the beautiful colors on the day of 17 May, the national day of Norway.

That is when we thought why not get some more colors here in the form of Indian art, handicrafts, artifacts and home décor. After a lot of reading, researching, talking with people here and in India and tremendous help from my brother, Amit, the idea was taken to the next level. Inspired by idea of the first daughter of our family, Charu, and inspired by the name of the second daughter of our family, GAURI ARTS was formed in December 2014.

In January “Cliched Who?” joined our journey by designing our logo and they are the creative mind behind our website. Rohini and Purnopoma are very much part of Gauri Arts team as Aruna, who is the creative content write and brains behind our blogs.

Know more about the team members by visiting About Us page.

From the Team Gauri Arts, we hope to bring to you the best and the most authenticate arts and crafts from across the county to help adorn yourself and enrich your living space. Each product that we get will tell you the fascinating story of the artisans and their exceptional skills.

We are launching our online web store on June 20th, 2015 with Indian Traditional Silver Jewellery as the first category. We will be shortly adding Home Décor, Other Fashion Accessories and products made from Indian Traditional Authentic Art forms on to the web store.

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Posted by Anjali Sharma

Anjali is the co-founder and director of Gauri Arts AS. Whenever she writes, she writes with passion.

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