Home is a feeling

Home is a feeling

The world has become a very small place now. People no longer belong to one place, at least not in their thoughts. Geographical distances seem fairly less when imaginations of their likes and favorites go far beyond miles.  In spite of these advances, you forever stay connected to your native place. A place you love because of its history, its art, its culture, its people and above all its feel.

Away from our native land and living in different parts of the world for past ten years has not been easy. But every place we dwelled, we created a new home. It was possible because of the acceptance we had in the foreign land, the blend we experienced between cultures.  Home was not so far after all, but ever wondered what constitutes a home?

Home is where a story begins, a nest where love resides. We would rather love to describe Home as more of a feeling than a place of dwelling. A feeling of belongingness to someone or more specifically to some of our special belongings. We often adorn our homes with things that tell the world a little something about us as a story.  It gives you immense pleasure when people remember your story that gets reflected in your artistic and modern home décor possessions. It creates a memory of lifetime.

Albert Hadley, a famous interior designer once said "Decorating is not about making stage sets, it is not about making pretty pictures for magazines, it is really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes your soul".

When we talk about fashion and home décor, we think of Arts and Crafts. These are the intense mode of individualism that allows you to surround yourself with things and experiences that make you. It has no face but when the history of each art and craft and its traditional significance blends with craftsmanship, it becomes a thing of beauty. It acquires a shape, a form and most importantly, colors which fascinates human senses.

Arts, crafts, fashion, name it... they do not have boundaries, they only have history, roots and endless possibilities to travel across the globe in all its form.

Our love for arts, crafts and sheer pleasure of living in a natural and quality lifestyle was motivating enough for us to breed over the basic idea of spreading all forms of arts in all parts of the world. There has to be a start point and what better than where we are rooted from, India. So, as a bunch of interesting lovers of life, we got together to form Gauri Arts  based out in Oslo, Norway catering to Scandinavia.

Enfolding the idea of keeping alive the essence of real craftsmanship, our endeavor is to showcase the best art works of India, to start with, to the world. Every piece of art offered by Gauri Arts is consciously hand-picked keeping in mind the intricacy of the design and authenticity of the craft to bring to you only the exclusive and the finest work traditions from different parts of India.

We hope that you relish the savor of Indian art and enjoy the intrinsic beauty and story behind each of these art pieces. We look forward to see our products embellish your favorite places and enrich your   life. We invite you to accompany us on this vibrant journey of art called GAURI ARTS

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