About Us

Gauri Arts takes pleasure in showcasing the finest of hand-crafted products to the world. Our philosophy is to narrate the authentic tale of craftsmanship behind every exclusive hand-crafted product we reveal. Hope you enjoy the delicate radiance and anecdote behind our products. Join hands with us in supporting and elevating the livelihood of our craftsmen and preserving their traditional skills.

Our logo, the “Lotus” - A symbol of elegance, limpidness and renaissance truly compliments our business motto. Like the lotus which blossoms to be a sheer and untainted flower, we pledge to fetch only the genuine élite handicrafts products around the world to your doorway.

Come…let us enjoy this serene journey together!!

Gauri Arts Team


Quality Promise

Gauri Arts focuses on the authenticity of each and every product show-cased. Our products are hand-picked from across the globe and they are crafted from authentic materials by artisans. We promise to maintain a high quality bench-mark to keep our beloved customers happy at all times.

We assure our customers an immutable and first-class quality in all our products


Who We Are

  • Anjali Sharma


    International Business graduate from Amity Business School, India, Anjali is a passionate mother of a beautiful girl who is the inspiration behind the name and conception of this venture. One of the co-founders and Director of Gauri Arts, Anjali holds over 6 years of corporate experience in India and London. An occasional blogger, she likes to be pampered in a natural blend of simplicity and quality surrounding.

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  • Chanakya Sharma


    A qualified IT professional and co-founder of Gauri Arts, Chanakya has an intense approach to life with a very stout eye for fine points. Chanakya loves to go deep into the nuances of anything he takes up. A loving husband, a gentle father and an avid collector of exquisite decorative items from places he visits. He believes that a quality lifestyle provides for a better thought process. Chanakya is passionate about books and photography as well.

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  • Charu Vyas

    Head Quality Assurance

    “Quality” is our top priority. Charu Vyas, a Master’s degree holder from the University of Westminster, London, is a co-founder and Head of Quality Assurance at Gauri Arts. Her expert eye will never miss a spot. Charu’s profound sense of fashion and quality is commendable. A fervent lover of dark chocolate, she believes in achieving top-notch standards.

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  • Amit Singh Parihar

    Head Mechandiser

    A business graduate from Hull University Business School, UK, Amit Singh Parihar is the Head of Product Sourcing . Amit has 5 years of intensive experience of sourcing and importing contemporary / designer furniture and artifacts to the UK. His range of buyers include interior designers, architects, high street retailers, chain of stores and designer restaurants. With his strongly knit network and experience of over 10 years in furniture and handicraft products sourcing, Amit is our major source of merchandise. 

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  • Rohini / Purnopoma

    Design Team - Cliched Who

    Two heads are better than one, and with that belief, Rohini and Purnopoma, set out to fulfill their calling in life, with “Clichéd who?” With over 15 years of joint corporate and freelance experience, they formed the company in 2013 and haven't looked back since. Despite the fact, Rohini works out of Gurgaon and Purnopoma from the UK, they still succeed to seamlessly work organized. The distance is only geographical if Skype and WhatsApp are your pulse! When not working on clichéd who, they have full time jobs – Rohini, mother of a 6 year old and Purnopoma as a couch-potato daydreamer.

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  • Aruna Lakshmanan

    Content Writer

    Aruna, an innovative and enthusiastic Website Content Writer. An Engineering graduate who effortlessly switched to creative content writing by choice. With over 4 years of progressive work pattern, Aruna always ensure notable quality of work. When not working, you can find her full time engineering her 7 year old.

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