• Glorious Gallop

Glorious Gallop

Glorious Gallop

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Horse Shaped antique look brass nutcracker.

Size: 300 - 500 grams (approximately)

Our antique look brass nutcracker collection delight customers in Norway and Sweden through a timeless online shopping experience.

A mild detergent mixed with some warm water is the best solution to clean any kind of brass surface. Use a soft muslin piece of cloth to wipe the product. You may also use mild metal wax to polish if you like your brass products to shine
Antiqued Brass is the brass that has been treated to give an antique look. Brass an alloy of Copper and Zinc is used to make artifacts since long. It may be casted into solid shapes, rolled into thin sheets, spun into vessel shapes or drawn wire. For decades, brass artifacts have been used as decorative item for any kind of décor. Such widespread use of brass made item is because of their royal as well as aesthetic appeal. Our range of antique look brass artifacts highlights the skill and fine craftsmanship of artisans. These antique finished artifacts are certainly a modern age decorative piece. Through our aesthetic brass collection, we take pleasure to uncover the rich Indian culture and heritage.

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