Inclined towards Art - Brass Buddha statues

Inclined towards Art - Brass Buddha statues

You’ve certainly seen them in someplace. They are everywhere…….in a home, in a landscaped garden, in an office, or a hotel lobby. Yes, it’s Buddha Statues in different postures. So, why do we like Buddha statues? It is generally because, it looks exotic, and Buddha is an icon of tranquillity, harmony and adding a contemporary Buddha statue to your decor is an easy way to slip into an elegant yet eclectic space.

Buddha means the "Awakened or Enlightened” one. Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, in Sanskrit, or Siddhattha Gotama, in Pali, was a spiritual teacher from ancient India and the founder of Buddhism. One of the uniformities of Buddhist art in India is the retention of his fundamental human image, even when it is surrounded by a range of figures and images of wealth and abundance. The iconic figure of Buddha is represented globally with harmonious proportions from head to toe, including stretched earlobes, a prominent head elevation, broad shoulders and a mark between the eyebrows.

Delightful Buddha

When you think of adding an Asian-inspired décor detail to your living space, Buddha statues are the first which come to your mind. The yellow brass metal statues bring in the fabric of nature to your home décor making it more vibrant and giving it the touch of Asian simplicity. Buddha statues used for both exterior/interior décor of a home or an office are more inclined towards art in general.

Budhha in home decor: Picture courtesy The East Coast Desi

Brass Buddha statues not just add a subtle Asian design to any living space but also enhances a strong, cultural element to any space. It is a fusion of modern and antique-inspired accessory which serves as a soothing symbol in any surrounding. The visual appeal of brass gives a vintage treat to the eyes and the colour of the metal adds a quiet and serene touch to any ambience. For some time now, the brass statues of Buddha in his various poses are an attractive home décor article. These statues are sure to add depth and warmth to any space. The brass Buddha statues denote mastery of artisan in real sense and has been meticulously designed to embrace the slightest of features. 

Nirvana Buddha

Buddha statues are available in different mudras (positions) and each position has a religious and symbolic meaning and is associated with Buddha’s teachings or path to enlightenment. Each statue has its own distinct look, position and gesture. The statue of Lotus or Meditating Buddha is the common posture and is used for meditation or relaxation purpose. The Blessing Buddha statue is said to bestow kindness and fearlessness. Statue of Buddha in standing or walking position is believed as expressing grace and internal beauty. The Nirvana or Reclining Buddha posture depicts the last moments of Buddha on earth. And a lot more postures of Buddha statues with considerable importance.

Blessing Buddha

Nothing seems quite as relaxing as the calming look of an exquisitely detailed and gorgeous brass Buddha statue placed in your living space. Statues of the Buddha are a work of art and perfect for decorating or displaying on a shelf, table, desk or stand. 

Get tempted to decorate your living space with our brass Buddha statues collection. For indoor home decor or outdoor garden landscaping, Gauri Arts showcases a wide selection of brass Buddha statues and the statues we bring into our collection are of the finest quality by Indian craftsmen. You are sure to find the perfect Buddha statue for your décor! 

All pictures are from our site and details can be viewed on Brass Home Decor page

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